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The most efficient and budget-friendly way to save on energy consumption is through updating current lighting with new energy-efficient measures. We assist you on your upgrade, we work closely with ComEd® as an Energy Efficiency Program Service Provider to offer you incentive money. 

Being a part of the 2024 ComEd® Standard Service Provider Closed Network, we have the most updated information involving their incentive programs and we get special perks.

ELS-T is authorized to provide consultations and support for all types of customers, both private and public entities. Take full advantage of the ComEd® Energy Efficient Program incentives, including conducting assessments that meet utility specifications to determine which incentives you qualify for and completing utility-required paperwork to process the incentives. 

Highlights of the 2024 ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program Incentives Include:

Instant discounts off the purchase price of energy-efficient lamps and equipment (for example LED exit signs)

Greater emphasis on watts reduced over quantity of lamps installed, with particular focus on LED upgrades, starting at

75¢ per watt reduced

Strong incentives for adding lighting controls with upgrades, with additional incentives offered for watts controlled

Potential for up to 15% additional incentive for certain customers and project types, for projects completed by

May 31st, 2024

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