Electrical & Lighting Maintenance
Electrical Inspection
Electricity Repair Work

According to the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, the failure rate of electrical components at facilities when formal & regular electrical preventative maintenance is not performed it typically has three times higher failure rate than at facilities where it is performed regularly

Our Program Includes:

Inspection and testing of switchgear, relays and trip devices, transformers and cable insulation 

Inspection and tightening of all electrical connections,  equipment insulators, supports and insulation

Cleaning equipment enclosures of all dust and dirt accumulation 

Cleaning electrical connections and contacts with an appropriate de-oxidizing solution

Replacements of HID lamps, LED’s, incandescent, pole lighting, fluorescent lamps and  ballasts

[indoor & outdoor]

An IR Thermography Survey of electrical equipment, while under load; should be performed every three years